Top 5 Mutual Fund Companies in Canada

Mutual Fund Companies in Canada are mainly Equity funds, whose bulk trading is from three major sectors – Finance, Natural Resources, and Health Care. So, if you are considering you will invest in mutual funds, it would be wise to invest in these industries. Many Canadian market caps and sectors spend on these funds to earn a handsome profit. So, in this article, we will discuss the top 5 mutual fund parent companies.

1. IGM Financial

IGM Financial Inc. is a Manitoba based wealth and asset management company which has made its significant mark with its mutual fund solutions. The company has an estimated asset value of $160.7 billion and serves over two million Canadians. Apart from mutual funds, they offer financial planning such as retirement, estate, and a wide range of other investment products and financial services. Investors Group Inc., Mackenzie Financial Corporation, and Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. are all its sister concerns which are individually doing fantastic over the years. Investors Masterseries Funds, Cundill Funds, Ivy Funds, Mackenzie Funds, and Counsel Funds are among the few brands that are associated
with their mutual fund solutions. Therefore, it is safe to say it is one of the most trusted
institutions where you can invest for mutual funds.

2. Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada is known for the largest bank in Canada, but
you should also know that is has a sister concern RBC Global Asset Management Inc., which is primarily a mutual funds company. RBC Funds is the brand that they use for mutual fund investments, which has the AUM of CAD 71,842,336. With over 22 instalment teams, 300+ investment professionals, and five research development teams, you can expect compelling client support and counselling of mutual fund investments. They also have a fantastic portfolio which was built over a long time. They don’t hesitate to innovate advanced investment and risk management tools which give them an edge. Overall, with tons of experience they have, you can rely on them entirely as experts believe they are among the best in managing people’s wealth.

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3. CI Financial

CI Financial is a Toronto based public investment management company specialized in mutual fund investments. CI Investments is the brand they use for dealing with mutual funds. Apart from that, they also deal with exchange-traded funds and wealth management. It is as of now, one of the best investment fund companies in Canada with a client base of more than 1.3 million Canadians. CI Investments is one of the few Canadian companies that focuses on Asian markets. They are often called Canadian International Fund Management as they are experts in dealing with foreign funds. With their introduction of CI Corporate Class, it is the first company to offer tax-efficient funds. CI has spearheaded industry funds by introducing the first mutual fund company to work in conjunction with an insurance company to provide segregated mutual fund investment. Mutual Fund Companies in Canada

4. Toronto–Dominion Bank

Originally a bank, Toronto–Dominion is a Toronto based financial institution, which is equally a competent mutual fund service provider. TD Asset Management, which is the actual company that takes care of the mutual fund services, believes in long term relationships with its clients through risk-adjusted investment returns. They own a collaborative team that delivers a comprehensive view on managing risk as well as taking advantage of given opportunities. With over 2.1 million client base, they have an asset value of $126 billion. The company is morally active with prompt leadership qualities, something you might need if you are a young investor. That is why they are so successful and capable of letting their investors earn a handsome profit over a long time. The brand they use is TD Mutual Funds, which has an AUM of $58,978,000. Mutual Fund Companies in Canada

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5. Invesco

Invesco is an American company specialized in investment management. Invesco
Trimark Investments, however, is the sister concern for the mutual fund investments. The
company has a global existence of over 25 countries, and never they have dissolved their
operations in any of them. The company has more than 8,000 active employees all around
the world and has an asset value of $1,159.3 billion. The company has dedicated a lifetime in delivering an investment experience that encourages people to earn the highest amount of profit in every deal. Their investment teams are competent and provide a wide range of asset classes, investment techniques, and geographies. The company also has a formidable financial background, a fantastic an investment-grade debt rating system, and of course, a strong balance sheet. Invesco Funds, Trimark Funds, and PowerShares Funds/ETFs are the brands they use for mutual fund investments. Mutual Fund Companies in Canada

The conclusion

So, these are the top five parent companies specialized in mutual fund investment. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, FMR Corp., Guardian Capital Group, and Franklin Resources Inc. are a few noteworthy companies that missed the top spot.

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