Latest Job Opportunities at Dollarama

Dollarama-Canada was founded by Larry Rossy, who was the third generation retailer and a Canadian entrepreneur. Larry Rossy was the third generation of Salim Rossy who opened a retail store in 1910. Salim Rossy continued and expanded the business with his 10 sons. After Salim Rossy, his son George Rossy handled the business, transited his father’s model to a variety store like the Woolworth chain. George Rossy led the stores until his death in 1973. After that George Rossy’s son Larry Rossy got the stores, numbered to 20 till then. Larry Rossy doubled the number of stores in no time and made one of them the first Dollarama in Manatane, Quebec.

After that in the next 2 decades, Dollarama kept on growing. Dollarama-Canada today is known as the value retailer, with stores over 1000 locations, led by Neil Rossy who is known as the fourth generation of Dollarama. Dollarama-Canada aims at providing a consistent shopping experience, compelling value, broad assortment of general merchandise, consumable and seasonable items like cleaning supplies, toys, candies, grocery items, gifts, health care products, kitchenware, stationery, party supplies, hardware items and many more. Dollarama- Canada stores are located in metropolitan areas, mid-sized cities and small towns. Dollarama-Canada has an annual revenue of $2.9 billion, has an operating income of $646.5 million and has a net income of $445.6 million.

When it comes to job and career opportunities, Dollarama-Canada has around 20,000 retail employees working for it at different stores.

Dollarama-Canada provides different career opportunities to its employees like district manager, store manager, assistant store manager, assistant team leader, store assistant etc. There are many benefits a person gets while working at Dollarama-Canada which are mentioned below:

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Work with a winning team

It is seen that Dollarama-Canada is going on expanding and opening more and more new stores every day. Due to which its employees feel the pride to work with Dollarama-Canada as it is a growing industry, a winning team. Employees can have a surety that there are no chances of Dollarama stores shutting down if they do their work in the best way they can work at Dollarama-Canada for their whole life.

Training program

Dollarama-Canada has a built training program and an integration process which helps employees to learn their work and the working of the company.

Improve skills

Dollarama-Canada has a diverse and stimulating working environment which helps the employees to improve their management skills, retail skills and also build a great retail career.

Financial needs

Dollarama-Canada also takes care of the financial needs of their employees, none of their employees feels that they are earning less than what they deserve. For fulfilling the financial needs Dollarama-Canada provides competitive compensation, benefits packages, an opportunity to participate in the company’s pension plan etc.


Dollarama-Canada understands that everyone needs leaves from their work for which the reasons can be anything like health issues, family emergency, need of a break and many more. Due to which Dollarama-Canada provides different leaves to its employees like paid holidays, vacations, paid sick leave, flexible schedule, flexible work hours.


Dollarama-Canada understands that accidents can happen any day and anytime and which can lead to life loss, permanent disability and many more. Due to which Dollarama-Canada gives their employees insurances like life insurance, accident insurance, disability insurance and many more.

Some more reliefs

Dollarama-Canada also provides a few more reliefs to its employees like wearing casual dresses at work on some particular days, using a cell phone at work sometimes etc. Therefore, this was detailed information about Dollarama-Canada, employment opportunities provided by Dollarama-Canada and the benefits of working at Dollarama-Canada.

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