Is Sonnet the future of Car Insurance in Canada?

When you are planning to buy an insurance plan, you may wonder whether they will live up to your expectations or not. Whether any insurance company is capable of delivering what they advertise? There are lots of complexities while you choose a Car insurance plan; such as the coverage areas, premium costing, hidden charges, and many more. Among these complexities, Sonnet debut in the horizon with a promise to deliver a seamless car insurance experience. Now, in this article, we will figure out how much they have justified their commitments and has they got the potentiality to become the next big thing in amidst the car insurance industry or not.

Sonnet – Company Overview

Before we dive into the details, let us know a bit more about Sonnet, the company. The insurance giant Economical Insurance decided to throw in their new branded product, Sonnet Insurance, back in 2016. Sonnet choose to market their product using online media. An insurance plan that is extremely simple to understand, and it is supposed to be fast – this is what they claimed. They also mentioned that you, as a customer, can personalize the insurance plan as per your requirements. Another thing they offer is you can purchase an insurance plan from the website directly; meaning no broker or mediator to complete the deal. Now, we will try to figure out the insurance plans that they are offering to know whether they are true to their commitments or not.

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The Insurance plans

Sonnet claim that if something happens to your car, they will pay the money to repair or replace it. The coverage they offer is intriguing, as they are offering three different Auto insurance plans. Let us take a look at the insurance plans and what those covers.

  1. The Essentials: The Essentials from Sonnet is you can say their starter auto insurance plan where they are committing total accident liabilities. Apart from that, it also offers some critical features like Total Accidental benefits, coverage for Collision damage, Comprehensive, and Accident Forgiveness. This auto insurance plan is very adaptable, and you can also add some value-added services with that as well, which we will discuss later.
  2. The Preferred: As the name suggests; The Preferred from Sonnet is the most preferred auto insurance plan they offer. It covers the basic liabilities of the accident, along with the Accidental benefits as well. Prior to that, they provide coverage for the damage due to the Collision and also deliver the Comprehensive benefits; not to mention the total Accidental Forgiveness as well. Along with these benefits, they also provide an add-on named Rental Extension Bundle, which we will discuss later.
  3. The Ultimate: Again, as the name suggests; The Ultimate from Sonnet is the best auto insurance plan they offer. Along with the standard liability coverage, they provide Accidental benefits and Comprehensive benefits. To add to that, they also provide total Collision damage cover and Accident Forgiveness. Now, they provide their value-added services Rental Extension Bundle, Vroom Service Bundle, and Ticket Forgiveness as complementary with this insurance plan.

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Now, it is essential, we should also elaborate on their value-added services to fully understand what kind of auto coverage they are delivering. Here are they:

  • Rental Extension Bundle: In case you had a collision while you are driving a rental car, Sonnet will cover you from any comprehensive claim or an at-fault accident. Now, if you were driving a non-owned vehicle, we will cover you for the damage you cost to the actual owner of the car.
  • Vroom Service Bundle: In this add-on service of Sonnet, you will get some bundle services whichever is applicable for you. In case you need an emergency expense alongside the road, Sonnet will reimburse a maximum of $50. In case you want to replace your vehicle after the collision, they will replace your car at zero depreciation adjustment. And finally, in case of Hit-and-Run, Sonnet will cover you at a deductible fee of up to $1000. However, you must report the incident within a day.
  • Accidental Forgiveness: Accidental Forgiveness is a unique service where if you have a clean driving record for more than Six years, then Sonnet will cover you on your first at-fault accident. Not only that, they will automatically ask for this protection, if you can manage a clear record for the upcoming Six years.
  • Ticket Forgiveness: Sonnet will provide coverage in case of minor tickets. However, this service is not available in Quebec and New Brunswick.

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The Conclusion

Now, after understanding what Sonnet is offering, we can say they are different from other auto insurance service providers. There is no doubt that the services are exciting and compelling. However, when it comes to pricing, the majority of Canadians believe the premiums are expensive. Having said so, they are indeed quality service provider and keeps most of their commitments. Therefore, yes, they have to be reasonable with their pricing; if they can manage that, they can indeed become the future of auto insurance.

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