How to Donate your Used Car to Your Favorite Charity in Canada?

Vehicle Donation is a win-win step for everybody. When you decide to donate your used car to charities, they make sure your vehicle gets recycle in an environmentally friendly manner. At the same time, you get some tax benefits as well. Therefore, it is a noble cause, and every Canadian should participate in this fantastic initiative. So, in this article, we will discuss the car donation process in details and explain you the steps to do so. Donate your Car

Why do we need to recycle your car?

Most motor vehicles use the non-renewable energy source to run. Roughly, there are 23 million light passenger vehicles registered to Canadian citizens, out of which 13 million cars are well over the standard lifespan, which is eight years. So, naturally, every day, we are releasing a massive amount of pollution in the air. That is why Recycling is so critical for the environment we live in. Eventually, by donating our cars to charities, we support the local green business. Donate your Car

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Some aspects you should consider before you donate your car.

Car donation is the perfect way to get rid of your current vehicle through recycling. At the same time, it helps the charities to raise funds from your recycled car. However, the charities don’t do it themselves to avoid unnecessary expenses. So, they contact 3rd party companies whose job is to acquire the vehicle from you and then give the charity the funds generated by selling the spare parts after the recycling process. However, they charge a small percentage for themselves as well. Donate your Car

Unfortunately, not every company is reliable enough. There are cases where the charity got just 13% of the actual value after the recycling process. Therefore, it is crucial that you deal with a genuine company who has a reputation. You can follow the benchmark as if the company finally provide anything in between 60 – 70%, you can consider the deal satisfactory, whereas, anything above 75% justifies the initiative. However, anything below 60% is not acceptable and somewhat fails the cause.

When it comes to verification, make sure you are choosing the right charity as well. Make sure that whatever program they are associated with, should be highly efficient. Check their portfolio and get convinced by their initiatives. Typically, any program they are associated should get 75% of their expenses from the funds raised by people like you and me. Just make sure whether they are doing that or not.

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How to donate your car?

The process of donating your car is simple. It would be best if you found a charity already that you can trust. Make sure you are convinced with their activities. Next, you need to find a car dealer company whom you trust. In some cases, the charity work in conjunction with car dealers as well. Either way, you should be convinced with the car dealer whom you are donating your car.  Donate your Car

Once you have done with the selection process, follow these simple steps to donate a vehicle:

  • Qualify: While you are thinking about donating your car, you must understand that not every vehicle stays in shape to be recycled. So, when you go to the car dealer, they will do a standard benchmark test to figure out the current status of your car. There are some legal formalities that you must qualify as well – like whether you are the registered owner of the car or no, your location, whether your vehicle is mechanically drivable state or not, and some few basic questions or not. Please note, most of the time, not much problem arises to qualify for the donation. Donate your Car
  • Form Fill up: After you qualify to donate your car, you have to fill up a standard form. It can be online or offline depending upon the car dealer. In the form, you must provide the correct information of the registered owner and the current status description of the car you want to donate. Also, you have to mention the place where the car dealer would pick up the vehicle along with the name of the Charity with its physical address.
  • Confirm information and terms: After you submit the form, the car dealer will verify the information that you have provided. They may or may not come for a visit. Then, you must go through the detailed terms and conditions part. Please understand all the terms carefully because apart from the social service you are doing, you may be eligible for some tax benefit as well. Donate your Car
  • Finalize: After a proper understanding of the terms, you can finalize the deal and hand over your car to the car dealer.

The Conclusion

As mentioned before, Vehicle donation is a fantastic initiative which is beneficial to everyone but most importantly, to our mother nature, which has been threatened far too many times.

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