What are the Various Unemployment Benefits that a Canadian Resident Get?

Being unemployed can be very frustrating. The Canadian Federal Government understand the problem and therefore built the Employment Insurance (EI) benefits for those who are in need. Now, typically EI benefits serve to the unemployed citizen of Canada who left their job and could have been in financial crisis. However, over time, EI has not just been financial support to the unemployed but more than that. Several other benefits have been added to the EI roaster, and today we will discuss them one by one.

1. Regular benefit

Of course, when we start the discussion, we should discuss the preliminary benefit first. So, the regular benefit provided by the EI is to allocate a weekly stipend till the time the unemployed individual gets another job. So, if you have been forced to quit your job or you left because of any toxic work environment, you will get a weekly stipend of a maximum of $540 CAD.

2. Sickness Benefit

If you convince the EI authority that you are sick or injured, you will get financial assistance for up to 15 weeks. It can be a maximum of $562 CAD per week. However, if you are still unable to recover in 15 weeks, you will not get any EI sickness benefit; instead, the health care insurance will be in effect. Meanwhile, you should check the eligibility criteria before you apply for it.

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3. Maternity and Parental benefit

When it comes to giving birth to a new child, you need to leave your job temporarily. During that time, you must apply for the Maternity EI benefit, and then the Parental EI benefits. As Maternity benefits, you will get up to 15 weeks of week stipend, which can be a maximum of $562 CAD. Now, for the Parental benefits, you can apply for either one of the plans:

  • The Standard parental where you or your spouse will get a weekly stipend of a
    maximum of $562 CAD for up to 40 weeks.
  • The Extended parental where you or your spouse will get a weekly stipend of a
    maximum of $337 CAD for up to 69 weeks.

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4. Caregiving benefit

The Canadian Federal Government acknowledges your personal relations. Therefore, when it comes to a life threating situation of your loved one, you can apply for the Caregiving EI benefit. You can get a maximum of $562 CAD per week, which can be from 15 – 26 weeks depending on the illness severity.

5. Benefits for the self-employed

The EI benefits are not limited to any employee; if you are a freelancer which we also call self- employed, then also you can apply and get EI benefits. You will get all the benefits which a regular employee gets. You will get a weekly stipend of maximum range between $337 – $562 CAD, depending on the type of EI benefit you are applying. However, you must accept an agreement between you and the Canada Employment Insurance Commission to avail all the EI benefits.

6. Benefits for Canadians living abroad

If you are a Canadian citizen but live outside the country, you are still eligible for EI benefits. You are eligible for all those benefits that a regular citizen in Canada gets. However, there are several categories of the benefits that you may fit in; from tax concessions to pension plans. The amount and duration of the EI benefits are more or less similar to regular citizens in Canada. Employment Insurance

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7. Fishing benefit

The life of a fisherman is tough; thus, the Canadian Government acknowledges the concern and facilitated a specific Fishing EI benefits to seasonal unemployed fishers residing in Canada. If you are a fisher, you will get all the EI benefits; however, the pay-out to you will be not be calculated on the insurable hours of employment; instead, it will be based on the earning over a specific period. Employment Insurance

8. Finding a Job benefit

The EI program is also built to find a job for unemployed people. So, the minute you start getting a regular benefit, the EI committee initiate a job search that matches your skill set. So, while you are unemployed and searching for a new job, the EI program also does their part of finding you an equivalent job. Keeping updated to the EI terms and policies The EI program has evolved with time. Many terms and policies have been changed to new once. Therefore, it is essential, and the duty of every citizen of Canada to review the changes in the EI terms and policies. Whenever the Government announced the Annual Budget, it is your responsibility to check the changes accordingly.

The Conclusion

Our final thought for the EI program is that it is a fantastic initiative for the general resident from the Government’s end. However, the EI program is something that you need to apply for; and it may get rejected if you can’t provide necessary documents and proofs.

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