Commercial Truck Insurance Companies in Canada along with its Benefits

If you are in a Transportation Business, you will earn money while your vehicles stay in good condition. No matter the size of your business, your business vehicles need spontaneous attention. That is the reason several organizations offer Commercial Truck insurance so that your trucks get the care it needs for the maximum output you need. So, in this article, we will discuss the Commercial Truck insurance in Canada, along with the benefits that companies typically provide.

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What is Commercial Truck insurance?

Commercial Truck insurance is like every other insurance policy; the primary difference, however, is everything is custom built here. Meaning you will decide how much coverage you want. How many trucks do you want to insure? Since the primary source of revenue for your business comes from these trucks, you need to figure out how many vehicles you wish to have the insurance coverage.

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What are the factors that determine the coverage amount of Commercial Truck Insurance?

In order to know what can be the coverage amount of your Commercial Truck insurance, you need to provide some information to the company that you are going to associate:

  • VIN of the truck along with Brand name, model, and year.
  • The driving record information of all the drivers associated with your business.
  • The operating geography of the vehicles.
  • The average distance that your trucks travel every day.
  • In the case of deliveries, sales, transportation to the job site, the brief description of the trucks that you use.
  • A detailed history of every Auto insurance claims of your business.

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The companies that provide Commercial Truck Insurance in Canada.

Several companies provide Commercial Truck insurance in Canada. We will, however, mention five of such companies along with the benefits they provide.

  1. Canadian Trucking Insurance: Canadian Trucking Insurance is a dedicated commercial truck insurance company renowned for its comprehensive and cost-effective coverage. They offer a wide range of coverage benefits like Auto liability, Commercial General Liability, and Cargo Coverage, and many more. Apart from that, they also  provide coverage when it comes to Umbrella or Excess Liability and Load Broker or Contingent Cargo. There are other features they provide like Safety and Compliance, Transportation Bonds, Directors and Officers Liability, Commercial Property, and many more. They offer a hassle-free claiming procedure so that you can quickly get the coverage.
  2. Aligned Insurance: If you are looking for a reliable commercial truck insurance company, Aligned Insurance is without a doubt, one of the best in Canada right now. They have spearheade  the industry for a long time now, and when it comes to commercial truck insurance, they are one of the oldest institutions catering this service. With over 1,400 clients across the country, they create the best possible insurance plan suited to your business need. They also deliver the best risk management strategies, along with the perfect solutions every time. That’s what makes it different from other companies.
  3. Insurance Hero: Insurance Hero claims they are highly proficient insurance advisors committed to interpreting your insurance buying experience. They offer an extensive range of commercial truck insurance options that can secure your business vehicles from almost any emergencies. However, Insurance Hero is not directly an insurance company. They are primarily a business consultant designed to aid people who are in the transportation industry. Having said so, you can directly deal with them for your truck insurance and its coverage related issues. While you avail their service, they are open for honest expert advices, which is complementary to the service.
  4. Intact Insurance: Intact Insurance is a full-fledged insurance company specialized in Commercial Truck Insurance service. They always insist on calling their commercial number to know more about the coverage they deliver. They claim that they offer coverage to the cargo along with the vehicle in case of any unfortunate events. They have a network of 6,000+ active broker offices all around Canada. That is why they are confident that they will assign a dedicated advisor for you who will figure out a proper coverage plan.
  5. Toronto Insurance Solutions: Toronto Insurance Solutions is yet another dedicated commercial truck insurance company. Their extensive range of coverage includes the likes of Customized Fleet Package, Commercial General, and liability. Apart from that, they also provide coverage to Cargo Liability Insurance and any Physical Damage. Moreover, they are also profound in any Insurance, Liability, and Financing related activities. They also provide some additional services like Umbrella & Excess and Freight Forwarder’s Errors & Omissions Bonds. The best part of being associated with Toronto Insurance Solutions is that they offer a complete customizable insurance plan for your business.

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The Conclusion

Commercial Trucking Insurance is, without a doubt, critical for every transportation business in Canada. The whole revenue system of your business depends on it.

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