How to Claim a Car Accident Insurance in Canada

Vehicle accidents are common in almost every part of the world. Having said so, it doesn’t
make the experience less traumatic. On top of any physical injuries, you have to deal with
insurance claims. And more often, you may find yourself in hectic situations. So, in this
article, we will discuss what you should do after the incident and how you claim the
insurance. Car Accident Insurance

What should you do after the accident?

First, you should know that every time you purchase a car, you must have to buy its
insurance as well if you live in Canada. So, the first step that you should take is to file a claim to your insurance company. Try to do it within seven days from the incident. It would be best if you don’t avoid it, which may end up regretful for you.

The second thing you should do is to report a car accident to the police. Sometimes, you
may feel it is hectic and not report the accident, but, if in case, the other party reports the
accident, your insurance company may penalize you, or even deny to renew the insurance
policy. So, it would be wise not to face that situation. Moreover, in Canada, if the damage
costs you more than $2000, then you have to report it to the police to file an insurance
claim. Car Accident Insurance

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Another thing you should keep in mind – you should file a claim to your insurance provider;
and not the other party’s. It is crucial as their benefit lies with the incident as well.
Therefore, they are the best advisors for you, and you should follow what they are
suggesting. Car Accident Insurance

Accessing the situation before filing an insurance claim

First and foremost, you must inform your insurance company and file a claim within seven
days; otherwise, there is a chance, they might dishonour your insurance claim completely.
Then you have to collect some information:

  • You have to submit a report along with all the evidence which contains the total
    amount you have to spend on the accident within 90 days.
  • Inform the other party driver and his insurance company about the damage report if
    it is applicable.
  • In case you want to complain against the other driver, you must review your
    contract term limits and policies carefully before filing the claim. Car Accident Insurance

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Be ready with the information

It is crucial that you collect all the information related to the incident and feed them to your insurance company representative. Here are what you must have:

  • Be handy with the auto insurance policy number of the driver along with the
    registered owner’s insurance company.
  • Please make a note of the model of the vehicle, the year it has been manufactured
    along with the make, registration, and license plate number.
  • Please mention the name and license plate number of the driver.
  • Collect the accident information like the date, time, and the location.
  • Please mention the level of injuries along with the people involved in the accident.
  • Please mention how much damage the accident has caused to the vehicle.
  • Describe the cause of the accident promptly.
  • Please be handy with the information about the other driver involved in the accident, such as their names, their driver’s license numbers, insurance company names, and policy numbers.
  • Please collect the identification number of other vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Finally, don’t forget to note the name and the badge number of the police officer investigating your case.

The claim filing procedure

After getting all the necessary information, you need to file the insurance claim with your
insurance company. After that, it will lead to the settlement procedure. However, some
factors determine the investigation process of the insurance company:

  • The type and consequence of the accident.
  • The terms and policies of your insurance company on which you have agreed.
  • The overall magnitude of the accident inflicted to both parties.

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The settlement procedure

After going through all the formalities to file the insurance claim, your insurance company
will assign a claim adjuster. His job is to review all your submitted documents and
information involved in the accident and come down to the final settlement. However, he
may need some critical information. Here is a list which you should be ready with:

  • A copy of the police report.
  • Discuss the case with the witness involved in the accident.
  • He can ask you to cross check the location of the accident.
  • He may insist you to speak to the other driver.
  • A copy of your updated medical records.
  • Images of your car.
  • Cross check the level of damage of your car.
  • He may investigate about the injury expenses from your medical providers.

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The Conclusion

There is no doubt that understanding car insurance settlement is not easy. So, better you
prepare yourself in understanding every minute detail and every term before finalizing any
insurance settlement.

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